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just for you, sid..

Dec. 28th, 2005 | 09:39 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

happy chirstmakkuh! i got the OC for chirstmas and i havent had a life for the last 3 days because ive been watching it nonstop. (hence the OC reference to "christmakkuh"). i had a great christmas. my family is great. my uncle and cousins wrapped me in duct tape. and then my uncle smashed cake in my face. he said it was because i "laughed at him" when he spilled his beer. but i think it was because things were getting too quiet for his taste. hes a cuh-razy man. and then my aunt went mental over my cousin when he showed up late and high at the family party.
well tomorrow should be fun.. its kelley's 16th birthday (happy birthday!) and me, lizzi, aly and kel are hanging out all day at the mall. then we get to go bowling and to texas roadhouse to watch some "cute busboys" as kelley would say. lol. shes gonna love her present. (she better...)

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Oct. 30th, 2005 | 06:00 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams

Happy Halloween! I cannot wait to drink my choco milk, eat a Cinnamon Crunch bagel and watch Laguna Beach. (only 4 more hours!) Well, since I haven't talked to you in a while, I guess I'll do an overview of what has been going on lately.
Friday night me and my friends went to the Homecoming Game which was pretty entertaining. Then afterwards Kel and Aly were talking about going to Lizzi's church for this RAGE thing, and they were my ride home, so I went too. So Nitai, Chich, Kel, Aly and me pile into Aly's mom's car and head to Lizzi's church. It was so much fun. We played "extreme ping pong" and danced with those stick things you use in pool, I forget what they're called. All the people there are so nice, and this one guy, Steve, looked like Gavin DeGraw. It was crazy. And, I saw Edwin again. Yes, Edwin. I didn't even know he went to her church. That was exciting, he's so sweet.
Then on Saturday, I went to Kel's early and Aly, Liz and Alex came over to get ready for the Homecoming dance. I thought it would have been better, but it was fun anyways. Morgan..ahh. (lol, Kelley) So, he asked me to the Homecoming and I said no, but then at the dance he asked Kelley to slow dance, and I was like, wow! yes! Then she came back to me and was like "he wanted to know what you thought about him" lol. It was so funny. Yudi won't shut up about it either. And Whitney's little brother is hilarious. He wrote this crazy note to me about how he wanted to get to know me, but I couldn't stop laughing, I felt so bad. Whitney wouldn't let me show it to anyone though cause she didn't want to embarrass him.
Ah! GHS tomorrow. Oi vay. That's going to be just grrrreat. I hope I'm not sick. I had to get checked out today cause I was sick during lunch. So Kelsey's not playing, because she's sick. And Steph said she had pneumonia today at practice and Casey's knee is either really hurt or she's faking it. Well, no. She is faking it cause she told us she was. That's really annoying. So that's three starters out. And plus GHS is good. Marvelous.
Tomorrow should be a good day. Alright so 1) we miss first through fourth period 2) GILMORE GIRLS FIFTH SEASON IS COMING ON!!! 3) soccer game! Yeap, sounds like a good 'un. Oh wait, 4) I'm wearing soccer stuff to school, mwhahaha. (It's not like I don't everyday anyways, but I have a game tomorrow, and it just makes sense.)
Oh, insane story. So this morning, Barney, my cat (the black and white one) walks up to me and Meg (we were outside running down the dirt lane at 7 in the morning...part of Meg's work-out plan that she's making me take part in) with a huge rat in his mouth. So I'm about to go get the rat and take Barney away from it becuase it is so sad, but Meg's like "oh come on Kelly, it's just a rat" and then Barney starts tossing it around. Like throwing it 5 feet in the air and grabbing it when it comes down. And the rat is trying to run away. So I say, "meg, it's obviously still alive, I'm going to go get it from Barney" and I run over to him and Barney grabs the rat, bites it's neck and this loud sqeaking noise comes from the rat and me and Meg close our ears, and there's Barney looking at us like we were trying to steal his great catch or something. He went absolutly crazy. It was so scary and Meg and I bolted inside and watched as Barney still tried to play with this poor, dead rat, like it was going to try to run away again. I'm like hello, you just killed it. Megan and I were tramatized. Even Andy (orange cat) didn't go near Barney for the rest of the morning.
Well it's dinnertime, hope you have a, heh, "spook-tacular" halloween.

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"5 points for me, baby!" -Mischa

Sep. 11th, 2005 | 05:13 pm
mood: okayokay
music: FUSE in the backround

My weekend was pretty okay. I went to Whitney's party, and had a ton of fun. The next morning I went to the Glory soccer game and warmed up with them. It was awesome, I haven't played soccer in so long. I really missed the team. Then I came home and slept forever. When I woke up I had a fever and a sore throat, so I just went back to sleep, and had an insane dream. . Today I was still sick, so my mom went to church without me and then when she came home we went out to breakfast at Parkside. It was so good, but then I got sick again. And, what do you know, I went back to sleep. Then I cleaned my room, did laundry, and had an otherwise boring day.

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Idylle Atomique

Aug. 28th, 2005 | 01:00 am
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
music: Killers and my dad's incessant fiddle music in the backround

The past two weeks have gone by super fast. Of, course, times flies when you're having fun! Haha, definitly not. School is just marvelous (can you say sarcasm?), too bad I have barely paid attention to a thing my teachers have said and school is now just happening the the backround of my life, which is slowly but surely dwindling down into blissful nothingness. So, I'm being a bit dramatic, but still.
Me mum isn't letting me do anything for the next month because my room was "appalling". (she uses big words when she gets mad). Except for tomorrow, she's letting me spend the day with Kelley and Alyssa while K.P.'s parents are out of town. Should be exciting.
I finally got my school supplies, thank god. Now I at least have some clue to what is going on in Psychology. And, wow, I am an idiot. I think I already lost my Pyschology book. I lost Mrs. Zehner's history book last year, too. I thank my parents for my lousy memory.
I'm thinking about so many things right now and I don't know why. All these thoughts are just running through my mind. I wish I had a pensieve, like the people in Harry Potter. Then, I would just put my thoughts into it and look at them one at a time. I blame my parents for my lack of magical skills, also.
Today, Megan and I went to the video store and got the O.C. season one before anyone else. I laugh at all those suckers whose sister does'nt work at Video City, mwhahahaha!
Why do I always write so much in this journal. It's not like it's fun or anything. I'm just typing. And why do I say like so much. It's not that cool of a word. Starting tomorrow, I will try my best to not say like more than 5 times in the whole day. And, next time I write in this journal, I will try not to write a book.
My dad is insane. He likes to play instruments, whether he knows how or not. He borrowed a fiddle from his friend, and he hasn't stopped attempting to play it since 7 this afternoon. Five hours. Five. The other day he just walked around the house playing my recorder that I got in forth grade. He asked me to teach him Mary Had A Little Lamb. I flat out refused, so he taught himself.
Our family tried to buy another lawn chair today, and made up a lame excuse, something like "oh, since we have the house in St. Augustine now, we need some lawn chairs..." I talked them out of it.
Nothing goes better with Chocolate milk than Chocolate milk, don't you think?
Tragedy in the Coughlin household. My mom isn't letting me make muffins anymore. She won't buy me any mix. So, I have to spend my money (which is...none) on muffin mix. She's a total nazi.
I'm in such a bad mood, it's almost funny. I mean, if I wasn't about to smother Megan with a pillow, I would be laughing.
I'm getting a new screen name for AIM, because the old one is...old. Alright, I'm thinking JeVousAime. It means "I love you" in French. But, number or no number? JeVousAime or Je Vous Aime or JeVousAime22? Oi vay. I don't even think Oi vay is a saying. In any language. Whatever, I don't feel like thinking anymore. I'm gonna catch some z's.
(pshahaha. z's. Who the hey thought of saying Z's when you're sleeping. It doesn't even make sense. But oh well, I wasn't put on this earth to figure out the way the human mind works. Well, you never know. I might be here to do just that. Or I might be here to go to bed. I think I'm here to go to bed. So, I guess that's what I'll do.)
Yea, um you can just ignore that last paragraph, it made no sense.

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The Fringe Benefits of Talking Ankles and Johnny Depp Living in Laguna Beach With Mrs. Susie

Aug. 11th, 2005 | 04:52 pm
mood: What do you think. I'm bored.
music: That super cool cd I got on Monday.

Today is August 11th as you can see, and I am most definitly as bored as possible. I'm so hyped up for school, though. My mom refused to take me shopping for school supplies. Evil. Well, I don't remember anything that happened this weekend, it's like a blur. I do know that I went to the mall and bought clothes. That's about all the memory I've got. Then, on Monday, I went to the movies with some people, and I got a super cool cd. Haha. Then, on Tuesday, I think I went..wow, I totally don't remember anything. God, what is wrong with me. Um, I think I went to Kelley's but that might have been yesterday. Or, both days. Wow, well I do know that I got a haircut from Kelley's mom on her offday..(the fringe benefits of being Kelley's friend...) well, we both did. And, Mrs. Susie came into the shop and she is such a..spaz. Lol. Oh and Kelley swears our life is like Laguna Beach. We've even picked out characters that remind us of the people on the show. (I repeat...most definitly bored)It was pretty fun though. And, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I grow up. So, I want to go to a good college, like UF. Then, just move around. I'd go to New York or somthing for however long I felt like and just work at some job that I found and when I raised enough money I would move somewhere else, like France or Spain. I don't want to be rooted in one place for a long time. Either that or I could marry Johnny Depp after he divorces his beautiful French actress wife, and we could move to the other side of the world and live happily ever after... Omg, I had the craziest dream ever. So, I was a bug, like the bugs in A Bugs Life. And I drove a caravan for this really rich and fat lady. So, she walks up to me after getting of the really heavy caravan thingy and her ankles start talking to me. It was insane. Then, the scenery changes and I'm throwing things at her while she sits by the fireplace and she's laughing at me because I'm a human again and I'm trying to throw the bug that I was just about 5 seconds ago at her head. Hm. Alex Bishop is back in town! This school year should be excellente. Cross your fingers.

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all in all, it was not an amazing day.

Aug. 2nd, 2005 | 10:14 pm
mood: realization
music: Blink 182

To start off my complete and total waste of a day, I woke up...bad idea. Then, my dad and I went to the doctor to check out just what really is wrong with my darling leg, which I love so very much, and he told me some crap about a bone and a muscle. Oh, why thank you, dearest doctor, for making it so clear! And he informed me that I wasn't allowed to play soccer for yet another month. Oh boy, it just gets better and better. Now I get to go to two physical therapy idiots and sit through two physical wastes of time. Next wonderful occurance, I get online and confirm my beliefs that my favorite band is indeed broken up. Then, Meg takes me home and I'm sleeping and Meg starts yelling on the phone, and I don't really think about it, but while I'm watching Laguna Beach, Govinda calls and tells me that Meg and him broke up. Um...what? They were like attached by the hip. So, I go upstairs, turn on the Thrills and hug Meg for like two hours. I felt so bad. Like, is the world going backwards here, or am I just super unlucky? Well it's Alyssa's birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday!) and it's movies, mall, presents, the usual. Let's hope it's a better day.

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Oh, British people have all the fun.

Jul. 25th, 2005 | 12:00 am
mood: British, my good fellow!
music: those charming young men : The Thrills, I do believe.

Long time no...write. Ah, school in less than a month, whatever shall we do? Nothing I assume, yet I am positivly shaking in my hightops I must admit. Today, since it is now Monday, (and top of the morning to you, at that) the new season of Laguna Beach is acomin' just 'round the bend! Amazing day already, indeed it is. I'm listening to a bit of the Thrills and thier slightly Beach-Boyish meets Irish pub tunes. Absolutly spiffing music. And, if you have not already noticed, I happen to be British today, for it would be wonderful to be in Britain right now. Or, perhaps, anywhere but here (and that just so happens to be where I am). So, you see, I'm in a bit of a spot. And you may christen that spot "The Hole Formerly Known As Kelly's Life". Why, you ask, do I choose such an uncommon name for my little slice of heaven? Because that's exactly what it is not. It's twelve in the morning, and I hardly have to make sense at this time, especially when I am talking to a journal, who, might I add, is not going to talk back unless of course this computer is possessed, and that I highly doubt...so I say again, this computer shall not be talking back to me although I am talking to it. If you have not figured out my point already, it is this. There is none. (amen, sista!) Also today I have Physical Therapy, which I so affectionatly call: P.T. Oh, what chums you make in physical therapy! Ah, yes. And after that appointment, (smack in the middle of my glorious day, might I add, which I would have rather spend bettering the world..pshahaha) I have another appointment, which is with The Mall. School shopping is just the opportune moment to reminise about the good ol' days when all you bought for school was a pair of purple and yellow Keds and a neon Looney Tunes blouse. Oh and I do believe I forgot to mention that I am once again allowed to play futbol! Ah, I could snog my P.T. coach..but then again I could'nt. You know how that goes, ah ah ah. Mmm, I smell Peach Cobbler wafting its way into my nasal passages. What a glorious smell, I dare say one of the best smells in the world. But my nose runny so I may not be getting the full effect of other smells. Ahem, sudden change of topic : I'm contemplating a haircut. Now, if you think back and try to remember Kristen's haircut off of Laguna Beach the first season, you will then see my future haircut...that is of course if I choose to go forth unto the throne known as Mrs. Patterson's chair. Ah, another point of interest, if you care to know about it, journal! The Harry Potter book is by far an astonishing work of art. Amazing and awe inspiring. Just to let you know, they all die. Every last stinkin' one of 'em. Drop off like flies, I'm tellin' ya. So anyways, dearest journal, I have to admit, at this time, you are practically one of my dearest, and best bosom friends. You listen to everything I have to say, even if my good fellow, I happen to be speaking with a horribly fake British accent. For this I commend you the Best Bosom Friend In The Whole Wide World Award. Take this as my token of appreciation. I do believe I'm off my rocker, for by god! I'm in love with my journal. But, shh shh. Mums the word. We don't want this secret to be let out, now do we? Holy Chrisathemums! I've written almost a full page. Ah, and how the time soars by when you're having fun. Yes yes, indeed. Being British is very refreshing...a mighty good feeling when you've been American all your life. And, although you might think I'm a bit strange for talking with an extremly fake British accent throughout this whole one-way conversation, which in fact, is much harder than it looks, my dears, it was all in good fun. For, after I finish this entry I will be British no more, and return to my beautiful Britain only in my hopes and dreams. (and the lights dim, the spotlight centers on Kelly's face and a trasparent image of a map of Europe appears in the air near her left ear... she turns her head slowly up to look at it and softly as though the trees in Europe themselves are singing we hear an old Irish Hymn start to play "May the road rise to meet you, and the wind be always at your back..." a single tear trickles down Kelly's cheek and the spotlight dims as well) Well, I'm off to go play a game of poker with Laden and Castro..Iceland's in the pot this time! (mwhahaha) Have an amazingly wonderful British day! Unless, of course, you enjoy being whatever you are emensly, then I shudder to think that you should be forced to have a British day. So, instead I say : Have an amazing wonderful ________ day! For, goodness knows, that it is you who in fact chooses how your day is, and who cares however many people say "good day!" to you, you are the one who will make it so. Although I am keen on hearing people tell me to have a nice day, for it may mean that they wish me well. And I guess even though I am British I will never be a spot good at those "Chicken Soup for the somthing Soul" heh heh. Nevertheless, I shant keep you all night, I mean all day. Even though it is still dark outside. Whatever. Have a _____day!

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Jun. 20th, 2005 | 03:38 pm
mood: a little sick
music: Rufus Wainwright: Halleluia


whoa lj! its been like two months since ive written in you. so i guess you deserve a nice long letter about my life.

well im supposed to be at soccer camp right now, at duke (my future "i wish" college). it was going to be so much fun. that is until i pulled/tore my groin muscle. what is that, 4 times now? and the doc says i have rehab or some nonsense like that for a month and i cant play soccer, which ruins my summer. i dont mind the rehab but the no soccer is killing me. 

im making a list right now. its a packing list. how exciting. my family and i (kelley too) are going to St. Augustine for a week. only five days until we leave! heres my packing list so far:

1) bathing suit

2) other bathing suit

3) brush

4) the other bathing suit

pretty bleak so far, but ill finish it later. maybe at this glorious beach ill get a real tan without having super tan knees and light shins...we can only hope.

my dad ordered the sixth harry potter book and i cannot wait. i mean ill have to, but i wish it came faster. its called the "half blood prince" in think? thank you yapa.

i saw monster in law. pretty good. micheal vartan, yes i enjoy watching him. (only 25 days until johnny comes out in charlie and the chocolate factory!)

me and my sister tried bonding by watching sex in the city together, (yes the whole flipping season). oh what a great idea!! not. i like the show, but she kept asking me to get her stuff like her water and her cookies. what a fat lazy lard. my mom was like "oh thats a wonderful idea megan! im glad youre trying to get along" and my sister flashes her well routined fake smile at my mom. so i grab the chips and chocolate milk and settle down but too bad megan wants my seat and i say no and my mom calls from the other room "kelly...BOND" so i move. then she wants cookies and water, and me wanting to bond so badly i just get it for her.

im mad at my tv right now. after the fourth season the fifth is supposed to come on, but its not theyre going all the way back to the beggining on ABC family. so i get to watch the first, second, third, and fourth all over again. yeesh this is going to take forever too.

i think im getting sick, (cough cough). im not on my death bed but i dont feel especially chipper, you know?

i watched way to much Dawson's Creek this morning. they cry so much on that show. it made me cry too. pacey and dawsons both like joey, you see. so joey has to choose. but hse doesnt want to lose dawson, but shes in love with pacey. (cry cry cry) so she doesnt tell pacey she loves him and hes about to leave on some crazy "finding myself" sailing trip to the Florida Keys. (cry cry cry) so dawson's parents are getting remarried and dawson can tell that she loves pacey so he tells her to just go. then joey tells pacey, they kiss and her and pacey sail off into the sunset to go on the sailing trip to the keys. adorable. pffft.

ive thought about it a lot and i have the perfect name for my kids. heh heh heh. they might be made fun of a lot, but that which does not kill them will make them stronger, (mwhahah) alright if its a girl her name will be Joely or Jolie or Joeli or Joly.. whichever looks cooler on the certificate. and if it is a boy his name will be Eliezer. ha, its a mouthful. but then everyone can call him Elie ( el-ee-ah) or Eli. i also like the name Andie for a girl.

i never told you about this! i totally forgot, sorry. i highlighted my cats hair (barney) he looks so dumb now. i love it.

looking at the computer screen keeps messing up my head. my eyes are watering like crazy. so im gonna go. ill talk to you later, lj.



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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2005 | 08:41 pm
mood: witty banter-ish
music: gilmore girls on the tv.

'lo el jay,
this weekend was pretty good. two soccer games on sat. and sun. and in the second one i pulled my hip-flexer (since i pull/strain something every 5 seconds) and so in the second game i only played for one half and sat out the rest. my coach is over-protective.
well since i pulled my muscle, i told mrs ellard that i couldnt do the long jump, and she told me that i needed a doctor note. so thanks mrs ellard.
oh yea, i lost my history book, so im probably going to have saturday school for the rest of the year. but thats like only 200 more days! how exciting. my sister's graduating and moving out (halleluia)! i can't wait.
i can have her room and make it my own personal whatever-i-can-think-of room.
you know what? when i grow up i want a room thats like a track and soccer field. so around the room theres a track and the bed is one of those mats that you pole vault onto and then theres going to be real grass in the middle of the room and soccer goals and football posts and clouds on the ceiling and every time i press this certain button sprinklers will turn on from the ceiling and it'll rain. and on the bed (made out of mats) ill have soccer ball pillows. how fun would that be.
i wish i had someone who would do a witty banter thing with me. you know? like i would say somthing and they would have a quippy remark and stuff. now that would be oh so cool. too bad.
alrighty el jay, ill talk to you later. 'night.

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(no subject)

Apr. 18th, 2005 | 09:03 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

hey el jay.
bad day. my dog, swimmer, just got put to sleep. hes older than me. so hes been around since i was born. and now hes gone. its feels so wierd going out to feed barney and andy(cats) and taking out the dog food and remembering that theres nobody there to eat it. yea well thats pretty m uch it. see ya later el jay.

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